If Tomorrow Never Comes

If tomorrow never comes

By Karyn Indursky



If tomorrow never comes know that I love you and want 
the best for you no matter what. Remember, that I 
will guide you with my spirit, love, and devotion 
to a higher place where God sees all, knows all, and is all. 
Realize that I made mistakes, but I am sorry and no one 
is perfect...not even you. Think about the bad things 
and let the pain out. If you need to cry, II still 
have two shoulders and a way of hugging and holding you.
Don't just dwell on the bad, though. Cherish our 
experiences together, insightful conversations, 
feelings for one another, and all that is good 
that fills my heart and yours with good feelings, thoughts, 
etc. If tomorrow never comes know that I am still with you 
because you are in my heart and imbedded in you is me. 
Don't worry about the small things and get mad 
instead focus on learning from them to allow 
yourself to have a better tomorrow. 
Live your life for you and be happy for you 
because otherwise you wasted yourself and your life 
and then you won't die happy if tomorrow never comes.

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