An Ideal Day

An Ideal Day

Karyn Indursky


What exactly is an ideal day?
Is there really such a thing?
Can it be obtained?

If there is an ideal day, how do we get one?
Do we close our eye, put out our hands, and wait?
Who give us this gift?
At what cost does it come?
Shall we take it upon ourselves to receive one?
Would it be better to keep it simple or go all out?
Should only close friends and family come?
Maybe, everyone should attend?
Shall the day be serious or free-spirited?
Does clothing, jewelry, purses, etc. matter?
Where should this special event be located?
Would the indoors be more intimate?
Do the outdoors offer more to do?
Is hosting this day really needed?
What about keeping it an ordinary day, but not taking it for granted?

When all is settled, I think everyday could be ideal.

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