Colored Daydreams (Abstract)

Colored Daydreams (Abstract)

Karyn Indursky

Pink elephants.
Orange monkeys.
Purple birds.
Blue chipmunks.
Yellow raccoons.
Poka dotted dogs.
Striped owls.
Candy-corn fences.
Birch beer trees.
Vanilla alligators.
Strawberry dolphins.
Banana crabs.
Pecan flowers.
Kiwi goats.
Watermelon sheep.
Grape whales.
Whipped-cream starfishes.
Twizzler crocodiles
Lemonade sun.www
Skittle skies.
Colored daydreams.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem isn't about the creatures. It's about children spreading there creativity, fantasies, dreams, daydreams from page to page. It's about how they're not limited, restrained, burdened by society's ideas of what's right and wrong, whether it's about coloring inside the lines or things only being one color or way. It's about the freedom they possess to be themselves because they aren't tainted by conformity...yet. It's about that they're brave enough to share their differences and not be afraid, intimated, bullied. It's about the right to express ourselves and not be slammed for it. It's about letting the magic of our souls flow instead of hiding there glittering lights because of our community, media, publicity. It's about not being frightened to show what lies inside.

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