Another Day

Another Day

Karyn Indursky

I wake to the glistening sun.
My eyes fill with wander.
What shall today bring?
With curiosity, I get up.

My shower is a little hurried.
My clothes go on with ease.
Applying make up takes some extra time.
I barely reach the bus.

Arrival at school goes smoothly.
I greet my friends with a welcoming smile.
Conversation starts with a natural flow of words and gestures.
The sound of the bell breaks it up.

Classes fly by with a feeling of contentment.
Pride fills me like a balloon being blown up.
All I can do is smile.
I made it through another school day.

I stroll to the bus.
Climbing the steps, I greet the bus driver.
I walk to my seat and sit down.
The drive home goes quickly.

I get off the bus.
With pure delight, I run home.
I go inside.
My homework is done with effort and patience.

The phone rings.
The next thing I know is my friends are here.
I leave with them.
We spend hours talking, joking, and laughing.

When I go home, I hug them goodnight.
I discuss my day with myself in my head.
I smile inwardly.
The enchanting smile lights up my face.

I go to my bedroom.
I get ready for bed slowly.
I lay in my bed.
Before I close my eyes to sleep, I thank God for another day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the First poem I had published in a newspaper.

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