For The Brokenhearted

For the Brokenhearted

Karyn Indursky


For the one-eyed wanders of love
who have yet to find that right person,
I offer you some guidance in faith.
The one is out there, but everything takes time.
Yes, the past does hurt, but it makes us wiser and stronger.
Yes, it would be easier without the pain,
but it builds character.
When you find the right one, you'll know
when you see their eyes, smile, touch their hand,
when the simple things mean the world to you.
You'll know when they love you back when you talk
with your eyes and body in the most intimate ways.
You'll know when you can just hold that one person
and feel complete by just having them in your arms.
Keep your heart open, spirit free, and time will heal
your pain as God teaches you patience, love, etc.
You won't always be brokenhearted.

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