Writing Life's Poetry

Writing Life's Poetry

Karyn Indursky

Octopus tentacles wrap
tightly around me
without mercy until
I cave into
its every demand.
Octopus tentacles tickle
my nose hairs
with its reeking
of fresh sweat
as it refuses
to release me
in its fight
to maintain control.
Octopus tentacles roughly
tighten around me
silently screaming for
my freedom back,
but unfortunately it
won't be defeated.
Octopus tentacles stifle
my pleading sobs
before I touch
its unfocused eyes
with my fingers
in an attempt
of blinding it
from seeing me
to allow me
a feasible escape,
but it's useless.
Octopus tentacles cut
into my body
without allowing enough
circulation to breathe
normally no matter
how much I
beg, plead, negotiate
and so I
bite into its
long, hard tentacles
in desperate need
to injure its
straggling limbs that
are making it
harder and harder
to successfully breathe,
but I'm no
match for it.
Octopus tentacles claim
me for its
chosen victim before
targeting someone else
into to giving
their life to
writing life's poetry.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was inspired by Cherilyn Corlione's poem, "Losing Gravity."

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