Love's Pieces?

Love's Pieces?


Love's Pieces?
by Karyn Indursky

I saw a prize in you,
but I got shortchanged.
Now, I have nothing,
but a broken heart
and long term regrets.
My heart is a jigsaw puzzle
you spilled upon the floor
except you never made me
whole like the picture
I yearned for.
I don't know if I can handle
moving on without you
for you are my master
and I your puzzle
to be constructed
for a happily ever ending
that isn't meant to be.
Fear leaves me
feeling rejected and unable
to even get a glimpse
of someone else to
put me together again
for my heart, soul, body
lies with you,
no other.
I'm tired of being an
unfinished puzzle,
but the thought of another
neglecting my feelings, thoughts, desires
is too much to risk
after risking everything
for you.
I may have glimpsed
what I thought to be mine,
but unfortunately I was wrong
and now I am in shambles
while you dance in the arms
of your lover,
but one day someone else
will help mold me
into the masterpiece
I have the potential to be
and I will give my all
to the person is meant for more
than a waltz,
but an eternity of mutual love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rewrite/my version of my friend, Ben Wookie's poem.

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