Kiss Of Romance

Kiss Of Romance

Karyn Indursky

Rippling fudge locks twist
tightly down vanilla waffle
skin sprayed lightly with
perfume to tease nostrils
until their eyes meet
willow green eyes speckled
with gold before awed
eyes gape at her
form fitting halter top
locking in nectarine breasts
while accenting lacrosse legs
encased in a tight
painted turtle skin designed
miniskirt before having gawking
males looking at crystal
high heels moving in
tune with her body
as she dances alone
until in walks
a man with smiling
soft amber eyes inviting
her to dance before
arriving before her muscular
body with an extended
business hand putting her
freshly manicured hands around
his awaiting neck while
placing his hands gently
on her narrow hips
for slow dancing around
other couples as her
murmuring fingers itch to
touch his silky bronze
autumn hair making her
willow green eyes wonder
downwards to his moonlight
dress shirt clinging to
bulging muscles fully capable
of holding her tightly
against him as he
pulls her towards his
heart pounding body smelling
delicious to her tongue
licking her shimmering lipgloss
lips as she finds
herself lying her head
tenderly on his broad
shoulder while his black
pants rub against her
intimately until slowly music
fades into silence after
their eyes exchange yearning
and he caresses her
brightly blushing pink cheeks
lovingly before they lean
forward for a precious
kiss of romance.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for anyone who's ever dreamed or experienced the intimacy with that one special moment in the moment you realize you're in love when you never saw it.

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