Night Night My Love

Night Night my love

Karyn Indursky


Night night my love in heaven's arms
nestling your head ever so gently and lovingly
in those arms of Gods breathing deeply and rhythmically
sinking in his smell and yours. Feeling his love
in your every being and welcoming it because it is
the grandest thing, prize to have. Nothing compares
to him and the love he brings forth to you in so many ways.
He'll be guiding you through everything only it won't
matter if you're awake or asleep or conscious or not.
It will only matter if you open your heart of hearts
to him and let him captivate your every essence
of being. Sleep tight my love for God is there
for you now and I am here for you tomorrow
when you open those bright eyes to the world
and see how much you're loved by all.

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