Man Of Her Dreams

Man Of Her Dreams

Man Of Her Dreams
Karyn Indursky
July 2012


Dancing in dreams...
with hands wrapped
around a waist
while arms go
round a neck.


Beats of hearts...
lead rhythmic feet
while a head rests
upon a chest
and the world dissipates.


Lighting teases skin...
and his hands gently
brush hair from her face
before eyes collide
for a kiss.


Blurry emotions fade
upon the realization
is this not a fairy-tale,
but a hollow dream
to leave pandering....


Who is this man
sweeping her off her feet,
pulsing through her memories,
inducing soft pink blushes,
but fading too fast to see his face?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by Dove and Ssmoothie. It's 100% Fiction. Changed the point-of-view to third person narrative.

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