Stealing His Kisses (Haiku)

Stealing His Kisses (Haiku)

Karyn Indursky

Funniness is he
running clumsily from me
in absolute haste.


In absolute haste
I can hear the shattering
pieces of the vase.


Pieces of the vase
crackle beneath his sneakers
like rice crispy treats.


Like rice crispy treats
I yearn for touching his lips
before he swallows.


Before he swallows
for digesting it fully
in stomach acids.


In stomach acids
now lie gulped down golf ball
nervous butterflies.


Nervous butterflies
flutter as he lunges over
challenging hurdles.


Challenging hurdles
catch his foot and he struggles
for escaping me.


For escaping me
is impossible after
I am straddling.


I am straddling
his thighs and holding his wrists
with his eyes open.


With his eyes open
he struggles to no avail
and now I have won.


And now I have won
a hollow victory for
stealing his kisses.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this as a funny Valentine poem. Let your belly rumble with laughter.

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