Washed Away

Washed Away

Karyn Indursky


The school year began with a frightening feeling.
Everything was new to me.
Nothing at the school was familiar.
There was no common ground.


Ohhh, but on the other hand...
there weren't any memories
or a lingering, taunting past.
Previous problems...eliminated.


I caught on to the school system.
Honor roll became routine.
Comfort came with my new friends.
Better experiences were a blessing.


However, I won't mention the downfalls.
Why would I possibly want to walk to school everyday without the dependence on a bus or car?
How could I miss my old friends?
Shouldn't everything be perfect now?


I began to get to know my boyfriend.
All I talked about was how I couldn't wait for him to visit, talk with him, etc.
Love seemed to be nipping me in the bud of my being.
Boy, was I wrong?!


It was an intense relationship.
Ignoring flaws that crunched my last nerves was stupid.
Not talking about the bad was ignorant.
Having unrealistic ideas was wrong, naive, and immature.


I made it through, though.
The school year rolled right on.
I came to grips with my feelings.
My boyfriend became my ex.


I moved on with my life.
Feelings started to be dealt with.
The school year kept on coming.
Security of everything and one was established.


Everything was going fine.
I was making it!
School kept on trudging along.
Contentment settled in.


It all came to a halting close yesterday.
Rumors, gossip, computer messages, e-mail, and writing on the mirror cracked the contentment and security.
Today, there was supposed to be a shooting at the school.

Although, it didn't happen, damage was still done.


Damage doesn't only come in one way or form.

Words cause more pain than anything.
Wounds fester without relenting.

Mercy has no eyes or ears.


Change charges life at full speed.
Time doesn't slow down.
There is no time out.
With one word, thing, person, my security, contentment, peace, etc. is washed away.

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