Karyn Indursky


Silence is a gift.
A gift so great that it's forgotten.
No one cares if it's forgotten.
Why care?


There is no talking.
Who wants talking?
It leads to laughter.
Why laugh?


There is no singing.
Who wants the melodies of singing?
Singing leads to dancing.
Why dance?


There is no cheering.
Who wants encouraging cheering?
It leads to supporting people.
Why support people?


There is no yelling.
Why want yelling?
Yelling leads to screaming.
Why scream?


There is no thunder.
Who wants thunder?
It leads to lightning.
Why have lightning?


There are no leaves.
Who wants crumbling leaves?
Crumbling leaves leads to animals.
Who wants animals?


There is no need for noise.
Noise isn't wanted.
So, let's give the greatest gift of all...

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