by Karyn Indursky


Collecting data
Obtaining knowledge
Learning experience
Escalating opportunities
Gathering expertise
Embracing the future


Announcing achievements
Noticing hidden truths
Yawning after studying
Oogling career alterations
Needing a support system
Eating new opinions


Internal maturing
Nestling homework assignments
Tasting risks
Envy replaced
Respect gained
Eastern literature
Southern novelists
Testing motivation and determination
Elegant paintings
Destiny bitten


Topaz friendships obtained
Alluring employers
Kudos to graduates
Etching new paths


Tantalizing diploma
Heaping pride
Earned rewards


People helping out
Libraries available
Urban culture embraced
Nothing's impossible
Grins wide spread
Ecstatic when finished


Interesting cultures
Never giving up
Telling life's experiences
Opening beginnings


Shyness fading
Understanding professors
Childcare provided
Challenging oneself
Expanding perspectives
Sultry readings
Students welcomed

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