New Track Record

New Track Record

Karyn Indursky

One finger pulls back the trigger
on the starting gun to make it boom to life
as runners begin their competition
they've trained for off and on the track
without knowing if victory will be obtained
before  all that practice quickly vanishes
with hearts pounding harder than jackhammers
before adrenaline pushes their athletic feet
against smudged white lined track lanes
seeing their Oregon hurdlers disappear rapidly
again in their last lap of the race
making their breathing mix with applause
pulsing through their deafened ears
right as French braided sourdough hair
flies in front of all her competitors for
allowance of shredding a paper banner
aggressively until victory sets in
her proud, smiling pale blue eyes
knowing she's won more than this race
when men haven't even touched her
new track record.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem while watching "Personal Best" on LifeTime.

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