Canvas Captured Daydreams (abstract)

Canvas Captured Daydreams (abstract)

Karyn Indursky


Upon a stool he sits
caressing canvas with his
delicate brush. Colors come
alive with every detail
he adds. Unicorns fly above
the lake where a jungle
green speckled sea monster
has nothing, but legs coming
out of its mouth. Fairies are
perched in trees while roses
of assorted colors bloom.
Butterflies soar in creamy
skies with dragonflies decorating
a wondrous horizon. Blue violet,
red-orange, dingy white tips
of fire splatter parts of the
image. Sage green eyes smile
after he has given texture
to his creatures until they
are fully alive. Fresh citrus
air dries his beloved painting
and encases his work in glass.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The fire splattering this painting is symbolism of society burning away creativity and imagination amongst individuals.

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