Dancing Into Romance

Dancing Into Romance

Karyn Indursky


Upon a bar stool
sits a slender woman
with shaking peridot hands
as she deliberately drinks
away all tainted memories
of her life while
long curls of hyacinth
drift down her fuchsia
blouse with tiny rhinestone
buttons smiling below her
fully ripened grapefruit breasted
cleavage while hugging her
sleek curves more tenderly
than her black diamond
leather miniskirt encasing her
long legs unwilling to
uncross even though relaxation
has slowly taken over
and she no longer
cares about life's misgivings
as her Capri blue
eyes light with renewed
courage to bid her
final sayonara to dwelling
in misery right before
a bartender whisks her
leather strapped high heeled
feet to ovation for
dancing into romance.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wanted to show how love can find someone even when that person isn't looking for it and is engaging in a potentially dangerous activity.

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