In My Dust

In my dust

Karyn Indursky

I heard you say my name over and over again.
It was like being stabbed a million times
with puncture wounds being prickled by raw
fresh nipping air.
I heard you say those words over and over again.
I felt that puncture wound grow to an open flesh wound.
It was as though the air no longer nipped at me, but ate at me...
big chunks with sharp pointed tainted teeth.
I heard you remind me of what happened a zillion times.
I felt the open flesh wound grow and grow.
The air didn't nip at did.
You ate me whole with your words, comments,
put downs, actions, memories, taunting, etc.
You made me feel like I was and am nothing,
but I'm not.
I am more than you ever knew I could be.
I am more than I knew about, too.
The only difference here is I won't ruin your life
as you did mine. I'll move past you and have you
in my dust.

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