Getting Back To Me (8/23/01)

Getting Back to Me (8/23/01)

Karyn Indursky


Breaking up felt painful,
it was the right thing to do.


As the months have passed,
I've started to see
things differently
and mature more.


We're worlds apart now.
I'm changing
in so many ways,
but you're not.


You've kept things
the same,
have the same perspective,
and all.
It works for you.


That doesn't cut it for me.
I'm opening
my eyes and heart
to a world
that feels and looks and smells
are different.


My life
is changing
in so many ways.
I don't know
how exactly to handle it,
but it's changing me.


I now know so many things like...
don't yell. It doesn't help. People appreciate it. Plus,k you get to feel good about yourself.
it doesn't matter what you wear
as long as you're comfortable.
don't hold everything in.
be honest. Some won't like it, but you'll feel better in the end.
talk to people. They actually do listen and care.
It's alright to cry and let things out.
despite all the baggage you carry, your family's always there.
your mom will be a better friend to you than the friends you've picked. She will be there, take you places, listen, talk to you regularly, care, etc.
even though your siblings can be cruel, merciless, etc., they're still there for you.
you can learn anything if you open yourself up.


There's plenty more
that I've learned.
You don't seem
interested or caring.


I tried warning you
about your life style,
you're not willing to listen
or change any
or accepting to the truth
or willing to admit anything.


I hope one day
you'll learn and
but I can't
make you.


I'm just
here to be your friend.
try letting me be one.
It'll be rocky,
but nothing ever is perfect.


As hard as this is for you,
it's still hard on me.
I have to make all these realizations on my own.
I'm still trying to become a better person and be successful.
It's time for me to start getting back to me.

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