Unions Of Poetry

Unions Of Poetry

Unions Of Poetry
Karyn Indursky
August 2012


Frozen with glacier emotions
muses begin to melt
with the sun lighting
the path of imaginations.


Frosty with icy expressions
stars begin to dance
with a soulful prance
to glide creativity.


Cold with trickling eyes
singers begin to hum
their lyrics in the vessels
of artistic creations.


Shivering with broken pieces
of hearts a poem begins
to flow like blood
across a page.


Band-Aids of trust...
Structures of friendships...
Bridges of communication...
Collisions of diction...
Blends of personalities...
Mixtures of attitudes...
Hearts of a writer...
Hands of a poetess...
Words of a soul...


Unions of poetry.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written upon request by Dove comment on my fairy-tale, "Best Friend Values." Challenge complete.

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