Kindled Spirits

Kindled Spirits

Karyn Indursky


She stares out the window
seeing the woman she wants
to be with golden glowing hair
sprinkling sunshine down a
back baring her tied bikini
top and her sexy thong bottom
drawing attention from the
one man who never notices
her. She stares out the window
with longing to kiss him
rather than offer him advise
on the next girl to date
or settle an argument or
romance. She stares out
the window fantasizing what
it would feel like to
have his lips brush against
hers instead of whispering
his dreams about other girls
far more prettier than her,
although he never says
it, but oh how she feels
it every time when she
watches him swoon. She
stares out the window silently
screaming his name as he
indulges another swim suit
diva. She stares out the
window not understanding how
he doesn't see she's
been the only one there
for him through thick
and thin. She stares out
the window not grasping
what she's missing on
the inside to confront
her crush, but her emotions
scurry away when he
stands before her. She
gazes into his eyes
until the earth crumbles
and fades. She stands
up to him and this
time strokes his cheek
with her eyes flickering
passion before she kisses
him. She finds herself
wrapped in his arms,
pulled tightly against him,
and his aqua blue eyes
sing promises never uttered,
but felt. Kindled spirits.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This doesn't typically happen, but it'd be nice if it did. I wrote this while watching, "Pixel Perfect" again.

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