Running Shoes

Running Shoes

Karyn Indursky


I'm trading in my running shoes
for walking shoes
to deal with my past
instead of trying to escape
into a world of void
where your memories fade
and your emotions dissipate
before you can blink an eye
to realize that now you removed
more than your pain,
but also the ability to feel
wonderful emotions like
happiness and unconditional love.


I'm trading in my running shoes
for flip flops
to feel care free and comfortable
in my own skin
and the ability to walk
beneath the sun's bright smile
with all nature's beauty blooming
in the spectacular world
designed by our Lord
to share with all of us.


I'm trading in my running shoes
for my bare feet
to leave impressions
in the sand of your heart
until you feel all the love
overflowing inside of me
to share with
my son, family, friends,
coworkers, customers, acquaintances,
you, and of course God.


I'm trading in my running shoes
to be carried by God
through the troughs
that feel unbearable
and when I reach my destination
of God's choice
I will be set free
to share my enlightenment
with everyone,
especially my son,
as I open my arms
to fly
because I will have
found my desired
acceptance, tranquility, salvation
to persevere in
this wonderful gift of life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My deep love of God and my son, Conner, are what inspire me to not ever give up, but continue trying.

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