Karyn Indursky


Irritation is like an infectious disease.
It finds a nice warm spot to feed on.
Bit by bit, it begins to grow like cancer.
There is no limit to what can happen.
Some hosts fail to notice what's happening.
Changes take place.
They become hard to recognize.


Irritation continues to nibble at the host.
Attitude changes show more and more.
Behaviors become foreign from being "normal."
Voices range in sounds.
Tolerance is lost.
Patience is not a resident.
The hosts cave into the infectious cancerous disease.


Irritation digs in deeper.
Hosts allow it to spread throughout their bodies.
Refusal to get help occurs.
Things get more and more hectic.
Attention spans shrink like deflating balloons.
Inhabitants around the host can't take it any longer.
Problems consume the mammals because they couldn't get rid of their irritation.


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Published in "American Poetry Annual-2000"

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