Your Angelic Protector

Your Angelic Protector

Karyn Indursky


You are my beloved friend
sitting inside my pocket
to view the world around us
in a profound friendship
that goes beyond anything
I've ever experienced before.


You are my beloved sibling
peeking out of my pocket
laughing at the world around us
as you plot what prank
to pull next and what excuse
to get out of the consequences.


You are my beloved nephews
tucked into my pocket
where no one else can touch
you and you keep harm
from me, too.


You are my beloved parents
hiding in my pocket
waiting to fight off-
anyone and anything-
standing in my way
of becoming the best person
I can be.


You are my beloved pets
nestled in my pocket
sleeping when you can,
but on guard when I am
threatened and there is
no love quite like yours-
the angry animals.


You are my beloved angels
shining in my sequined pocket
I refer to as my
heart, memories, friends, family, pets
and I can only dream of being
your angelic protector.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by "Angel in your pocket" written by Star-Ann Smith.

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