My Reality

My reality

Karyn Indursky


I know my reality,
but no one else does.


I don't know where I'm going with my life,
but many options look appealing.


They see me on the outside,
but I know me on the inside and outside.


I can picture who I want to become,
but they can't.


I get to see what I want to do,
but they only get to see me do something after I made my decision.


I can hide anything I want,
but then they won't get to know me.


I know what I want to say and scream,
but they don't.


I know what I'm capable of,
but none of them do.


I can let them believe they're right,
but they're wrong.


I can make things appear and seem perfect,
but it'd be a lie.


I can play dumb,
but I'm not.


I can do many things,
but they only see it without taking the time to understand.


I can fool many people,
but I shouldn't.


I get to decide so many things.
I can say and do things.
They see and hear it.
The most important thing is to understand.
They can't.


This is my reality.

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