Trickling Inspiration

Trickling Inspiration

Karyn Indursky

Music playing.
Dancing feet.
Drumming beats.
Sun's glistening eye.
Thunder's cry.
Whispering wind.
Never-ending tear.
Tickling grass beneath feet.
Sexual sweep.
Romantic evening for two.
How he tainted you.
Walking in the moonlight.
Forbidden swim.
Vibrations of laughter.
Smiles of an angel.
Flapping wings of a dragon.
Running hoofs of a stallion.
Flights of a seagull.
Weeping of the willow.
Untold stories.
Feelings of regurgitation.
Infants holding your finger.
Doves humming your song.
Fears of being alone.
Hatred of company.
Depression sinking its teeth.
Secret sagas.
Artists, vocalists, instrumentalists.
Everything around you.
Anything inside you.
Things not yet glimpsed.
A poetic life.
Trickling inspiration.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A friend of mine, Candace Weiss, asked me about inspiration. She wanted to know how I find it and have written over 1200 poems. I thought about it and wrote her an answer, but was compelled to turn it into a poem. I hope you enjoy this read.

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