Services Of Poetry

Services Of Poetry


Services Of Poetry
Karyn Indursky


Crunches of connotations.
Crumbles of comprehensions.
Slices of similes.
Cuts of communication.


Pineapples of personalities.
Chocolates of compromises.
Kiwi's of kindness.
Apples of alliteration.


Bits of behavior.
Pieces of passion.
Bites of beauty.
Crumbs of composures.


Strawberries of sisterhood.
Bananas of brotherhood.
Cherries of cultures.
Tomatoes of technology.


Plates of performances.
Napkins of nourishment.
Tables of time.
Utensils of understanding.


Served with creativity...
Delivered with diction...
Shared with souls...
Services of poetry.

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