Slowing Down

Slowing down

Karyn Indursky

Slowing down are tears for thee.
I love you, but I've cried all I can.
My tears have dried on my face for thee.
what were once hot burning tears are now soaked into my skin.
My sobs went to wails for thee.
What started out as cries led me
to heart pounding sobs to wailing.
My body trembled and shook for thee.
My once normal operating body went crazy
when I cried my heart out for you.
My world caved out from under me for thee.
You took everything that meant everything to me
that made up my world and destroyed it when you
hurt me.
I crumbled for thee.
I strived, ached, yearned, desired, etc. you,
but now I am no longer whole without you.

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