Man Over Board (Haiku)

Man Over Board (Haiku)

Karyn Indursky


Man over board!
Threw our captain to the sea!
Gloried mutiny!


Gloried mutiny
as his body is eaten
by salivating sharks!


By salivating sharks
swirl his tainted blood puddle
coloring our sea.


Coloring our sea
is a chaotic picture
painted from our crew.


Painted from our crew
one textured stroke at a time
we share our story.


We share our story
with you before escaping
your judgment.


Your judgment
launches media missiles
towards our safety.


Towards our safety
we abort your prepared trap
and abandon ship.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I always thought mutiny would be cool. It makes me smile and laugh. Maybe, I don't take it seriously enough, but I'd rather laugh. So, feel free to join in.

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