Wearing His Love

Wearing His Love

Karyn Indursky


I'm flourished in delicacies
that go beyond the simplest purchases
you could make in any store.


I'm dressed with a pendant
from the things you do for me without hesitation
like helping me with my hypoglycemia.


I'm wearing a tank top decorated
with your ability to hold me as I cry
and you wipe my tears away tenderly.


I'm playing basketball in a skirt
made from you being there to listen
to me when I need you to.


I'm wearing flip-flops that tap the rhythm
of the feeling of you laughing with me
in a glorifying symphony causing an encore.


I'm wearing my hair down
to be natural as you are genuine
with your bundles of ways to care for me.


I'm wearing a smile
not only on the inside, but on the outside
with realizing how much you are here for me.


I'm painted in hope
of having a life time of sharing
my feelings for you, too.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wearing His Love
I was inspired by the poem, "The Love I Feel For You", written by Ruth Lovejoy. 

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