Poetry Is Like The Bible

Poetry is like the Bible.

Karyn Indursky

Poetry is like the Bible.
There are many
different interpretations
and no one person
or idea or feeling of it
and whatever have you
is just right
or wrong.
It's left up to us,
the individuals,
to bring forth
it's meaning
and give it clarity.
we interpret
is wrong,
but we must
be able to stand
by what we say
with supporting evidence.
comes through
in my poetry
and it's not
to offend anyone
who doesn't believe,
but He's in my heart,
He's here to stay,
I want Him that way,
and it's my own
that He does
exist with
angels, guardian angels,
and they all
look down
upon me
to help
guide me through
the pillars or obstacles
or transitions or milestones
or however you want to put it
of life.
I don't try
to push off
my believes
on anyone,
but I also won't
criticize someone
on what or who
they believe in.
To me,
the only fair
thing is to
leave it up
to us
to each find
for ourselves
what is right or wrong...
without passing judgments
upon others.

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