Returning My Muse

Returning My Muse

Karyn Indursky


Returning My Muse
Karyn Indursky


Sitting on the moon
with dangling hamster feet
along came the robber
stealing my muse.


Hanging on the ceiling
sipping a smoothie
along came the bear
devouring my muse.


Swinging on a fan
laughing like a hyena
along came a fox
snitching my muse.


Bathing in a banana split
talking with kangaroo's
along came a fox
racing away with my muse.


Dunking in apple cider
while goosing a turkey
along came a cow
drinking my muse.


Riding on an ant
without a seat-belt
along came the horse
galloping away with my muse.


Dancing with an apple
singing like a cricket
along came a rabbit
skipping away with my muse.


Climbing up a tree
wearing kiwi sunglasses
along came the knight
returning my muse.

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