Transcending Cultures

Transcending Cultures

Karyn Indursky
June 2012


With the stroke of my pen
my culture is your puzzle
to piece together.


Line by line...
my diction creeps into your mind
trying to color my skin.


Stanza by stanza...
my style wiggles into your eyes
forming an edge.


Format by format...
you try to align my
ethnicity, nationality, heritage.


Style by style...
I perplex your opinion with
various rhythms, topics, sounds.


Phrase by phrase...
you're trying to solve
a riddle of...


transcending cultures.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Challenged by Ssmoothie after a discussion of how our readers try to determine what nationality/decent we are by our writing. The Challenge is to take 10 mins (writing and editing) included, write about transcending culture, put your own flavor and personality into it, share it. So far Ssmoothie and Beaves joined. Be next to join in our challenge. All authors are welcomed.

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