Person's Purpose 6/22/08

Person's Purpose 06/22/08

Karyn Indursky

Everyone and everything
has a purpose
and is part of
God's plan.
If God didn't want someone here,
the person wouldn't be here.
You can try to help someone,
but that's a serious issue
he/she is going to have to
deal with themself.
When the individual wants help,
there's plenty to be had.
He/she can
sing, write, draw,
paint, talk to a therapist,
talk to friends, etc.
But you can't help the person
if they don't want it.
You can't change him/her.
The person has to
want to be alive
and want help to
change themself.
But God bless you
for remaining a good friend
and not deserting him/her
in their time of need.
I've been where they are
and I moved forward.
In my opinion
anyone can do whatever I do,
if not better.
Believe me
there's help
for those who
want and accept it.

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