Weight of the red sea

The Early Works

Weight of the Red Sea

Equality died like the drive for female empowerment
Failed relations blamed on many men but women already had the better rate of insurance
Single fathers face torment  
For government policies fail to empower men to be men
They may as well join the navy and be seamen
Already donated their semen
But weekends aint enough to see their boys grow up and be men
I think Lauryn hill needs to rewrite that verse from doo wop that thing
For we men and women cohabitate daily in zones of productivity and serenity
Women flirt with men and it’s called a display of femininity
Yet requited affection easily causes enmity
Gender equality has no sense of mathematic acumen
For how many males flirt back only to be accused of sexual harassment
Equality I lambaste it
For the innocent man that pervert tag is everlasting
Ignorance typecasts him in total devastation
Haters stick around like a bad fragrance

The one thing I wait on
For divorce to abort and be long on
But like Joseph and a Technicolor dream coat I dream on
I scheme as dream collides with my train of thought
If divorce wont abort then equality should apply and the 1st time a man cries should not be in the divorce court
As men walk the aisle into a new life
They should not expect to be stripped of their life
Only to be rejected by their wife
Irreconcilable differences mean half of everything
But why does she get to leave with the high life
Cut the financial ties and equal the custody
Women get pregnant and use the child as currency
Men are just lucky to get some paternity leave
So as we
Steadily acclimatise and open eyes to the hype
We must bask in the glare of facts and not in the shade of stereotype
Ignorance should not be the punch line to cruel jokes of life
As the scales of justice will only balance when we see the other side

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