So high

Right now I guess you think that I'm sniffing verbs and adjectives

Injecting nouns till I get so high there is no comedown

Rhyme structure got me beat down I don’t really need a beat now

But without a heat source these pronouns will simply be crushed down into a new food

Cos I’ve been a user from the womb

Schooled till I flick a punch line like a fly kick in shanghai noon

Its like crouching tiger hidden dragon when I let fly around you

Sewing seeds of ecstasy that bloom with each prosaic ejaculation

I’m a user being dealt to now I deal to you but that was not in my equation

For every hit you get snares the dragon through verbal animation

Taking you to levels of addiction beyond pro evolution on the playstation

Mmm… fragrant

I’m not a shamed to tell you

I am the metaphoric alcoholic

Anabolically built on soul tonic

I am a soul a holic

sipping on words that are soul notiq

Simply sypnotiq

Vibing off a stream of consciousness that’s more hypnotic

Than white rum and gin and tonic

Giving me chronic reasons to live on it

For I am in a scribe’s metropolis

Where the only bribe is the minds eye and the vibe I covet

Yet in this city there is no such thing as modernization

Just inspiration and interpretation

Rendering me as an architectural connoisseur of the creative

Though you may say my collision of colloquialism and vision is the product of politicized hallucinations

Your fascination with my imagination is so deep it cannot be degraded

For my art will never serve as fodder for shady lanes

But it is the one addiction that wont render me insane when it flows through my veins

So poetry

Line by line

Deal yourself my way

You get me so high

I never wanna land this plane

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