Battle of the Blonde

The Early Works

Why do the famous brunettes go blonde?
To be famous you gotta be dull so you go buy a bottle of fun
I thought fun was a glass of rum with a dash of coke
But I guess you gotta be a pop star to be blonde and broke
You could always pose for the blokes if you think that your it
Blondes have so much fun even Beyonce wanted part of it
She’s the urban labelling for maybelline
It maybe make believe
That destiny’s child were set up to fulfil her own needs
How many times did Kelly ever sing the lead or is it just me
Because I believe I should be with one of the 3.
And if you’re pretty you’re a commodified blonde
If you get implants you’re a modified blonde
If you’re an insecure brunette then your rationale is wrong
You’d get more popularity from a tongue transplant with a lizard.
Maybe not…
Blonde has a cancerous astigmatism even if you mislaid my opinion
like a high phone bill
If blonde carried more fun then I want some lets just imagine that
Young man blonde and black what would be the stereotype
Eminem wannabees would think its open mic night in broad daylight
Or if they don’t believe the hype…
It would be young black and dumb but that supposed to be natural right?
Do you know many fights there would be from being labelled a dumb bumble bee.
Its worse for the gay types just add the word queen
Its not what the lay man sees or perceives to be as shaped by the Hollywood version of society
or maybe I should bring out my dictionary to eradicate the blonde from my poetry
But hey I’m having fun
It’s all honey from this bumble bee
So maybe I’m really blonde
But not legally

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