You can be saved

The Early Works

Life brings its own story
Narrations of glory are lost in tragic furore
We know the score
For when it comes to war

We are not justified unless its spiritual
God cannot be glorified with the physical

Mind of man that is full of carnality
And sinful nuances the real actuality

For reality we take democracy
Instead of God idolatry
This fact is a mockery
Lost in subliminal monotony

So what is the state of play
Destruction prophesied for the last days
Its time to give him praise
Living holy ways as in old school days
Power would flow as we prostrate
Then the power would come down
And burn through the people
Sinners would be saved and scriptures made real
Deal situations like metaphysical cards
Ace of spades conviction that sticks in your heart

Don’t harden and retaliate
Become saved as in Acts 2 verse thirty 8
It may be hard to anticipate
But the love of God never fades
You can be saved

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