Never throw my pearls to the swine

Although I wonder

Has it been worth it and


Have I really wasted my time

Trapped in the corner of the ring on the ropes

Am I about to be knocked out

Dashed by my very own hopes


It seems to be deemed time to cope

Locked to a piece of poetry I wrote

A follow up though my answer

was in a need to let go

Is this purpose by design

Never throw my pearls to the swine

Have I been wasting, my time?

For I know what I


What I want to see is a her and me

forever to be

And yet all I see

Is emotion in a bottle tossed in the sea

She may never love me

has something I need I would dare to believe

that she

Was my galaxy

Till resident theories warred

Open the doors of speech

Examination of beliefs

Every box ticked except

"The one for me"

Never throw my pearls to the swine

its about time

I filled this hole of mine

In this soul of mine

It hurts

My hearts ripping like a rock riff

Thrown off a cliff and hit rocks

The pain will never stop

Can't ever give my pearl

To the swine

Wish she was on my line

But its time

Just to start over


Let time finish healing

And erode miraged roads to her

Its over

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