2013 poems

Couldn't think of anyone at hand
I prayed to God to help me understand.

The vision of truth on how I should
Really approach you.

Taking God by the hand
Helped me to really understand....

The real truth bout my life
And the reason why I should
Choose to stay alive; instead of to die.

In a ocean full of thoughts
In a ocean to where I am lost
With my Father God.

With Him; my mind is totally complete.
With Him; I can finally see the real
Reason why He'll always love me.

No matter the pain
No matter the hurt
God is my life
God is my shelter
God is anything
And everything to me.

Couldn't place the words
On how I felt when Satan
Put a real evil spell on my soul
A really long time ago.

Now that God rescued my life
I'm fully complete
And no that's not a complete lie.

©Cherisse Powers


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