One step closer

2012 poems

My mind is torn

My heart has bled

I don't think that you could

Erase everything

That has been said.

My eyes fill up with tears

My ears scream with pain


I finally know that I have

Nothing to gain.

The wet in my eyes

Begs you to come back

Into my life

A thousand times.

The whisper in my voice

Gives me no excuse or

even a choice.

When I go on and say

I'm seriously

Thinking about

Taking my own life today.

So please stand back

As we remember on

All the fun times we've really had.

Now it's time for me to say

My final and last piece

Then I'll have to go

To heaven and finallly sleep

And have true peaceful dreams

For noq and forever

You see?

©Cherisse Powers

Apr. 2012

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