I praise your love everyday

2006 poems

You're a special person to me,
because you were never afraid
to tell me what's really wrong
with me 
and what I need to change
about my little self.
I mostly every night bless the Heavens above
for creating someone so special for me,
and praise the Lord everyday 
for bringing someone like you into my life.

You're a special love to me,
probably you are always 
here for me when you see 
how I use to screw up my life,
that is until I saw the light
of Heaven shining down on me

Every night that I sleep
in the Lord's peace...

I praise your love everyday
because you have taught me everything
that life is really like 
and what it can be like 
if you mess it up with the wrong crowd.

(c)Cherisse Powers


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