Cheering me up

2006 poems

You are the one who cheers this gloom,
pretty soon
I will see you in your room
with your husband for nearly four years
I'm guessing...
I hope one day I will be walking down the church carpet
of love just waiting for me at the end
of the alter of love.
I start to smile when I hear your voice over the phone,
I don't know why this is,
probably because I love you so.....
That could be one reason....

I love the color in your baby 
blue yet greenish eyes.
Your eyes are so gorgeous
that they light up a room 
when you step foot into 
one every single night...

I'm not so gloomy 
when you cheer me up
from the time that you gave me a huge
hug the night that  supposedly left 
to go to another state of mind,
and so did you...

I guess it is true 
you're a cheer upper
when it comes to me
who just wants to see you again,
for this I know that you will
cheer me up again.

(c)Cherisse Powers


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