The night of your death

2006 poems

It's been a while from the last time that I wrote about you,

that was way back in December; do you remember Grandma Wetterlund?

I heard when you passed away; and at the time,

I felt real sad to know apart of the Wetterlund family is gone.

The night of your death- I cried for several hours;

just thinking to myself why did you have to die at such a beautiful age.

The night of your death,

I spoke to God and He told me

that he was not ready for you to leave the ones that you love so dear.

Sense you did;

I see hurt and pain in the tears

that they just about have every night,

believe me Grandma Wetterlund;

it's not your fault, because this happened.

It's only the devils and nothing else was said.

(c)Cherisse Powers


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