2017 poems


I want you 

To take me

And heal me

From this evil

Storm called


You know my heart

Father, take it

In your hands

Strengthen my mind

Strengthen my soul

Because there is

Really no where else

To go father

You're my path

You're my way

Help me father

To stay fully and

Completely in your word

Without you're words

Of wisdom

Without your words of


I'm nothing without

Your powerful 

And amazing love

Blow down the gates

Of hate, I'm no longer

Apart of that evil

Twisted kind of fate

I give my full heart

Over to you father

I'm here opening up

My heart, opening up

To you

Through all these tears

Of fright and hurt

Don't want others

Out there to make me

Feel cursed by what

You say,

Because days

I want to believe,

Then something comes

Banging down the doors

To say you're not worthy

Of my heart, when the truth

Is, you really are father God

Rescue my thoughts

From all this damage

That has been placed

Upon my heart and life

I know it's gonna be

A struggle, but I know

That you'll always be

There to burst that

Evil bubble of fright

And neglect In 

My life, because

Now I know how

To really praise


Out loud every

Single day

In this name

I'll forever pray

Amen father


©Cherisse Powers


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