Hanging on

2017 poems

What keeps you

Crawling back,

It's almost like

Having a heart attack

Having to explain 

Keeps me going

Completely insane

Once you had me,

And now it's gone

So, I really don't


What's really 

Going on

What keeps you

Coming back

Into my life,

It's like ripping 

Someone's heart

Out with a

Bleeding knife

It's something 

That doesn't

Happen over night

It keeps me from

Fighting with others

In my life

What keeps you

Hanging on

So very tight

It feels like a total

Blur, it's just something

That I've never heard

When are you

Going to give it

A rest,

Member you're

My past

I rather move on

And continue 

Living my journey

At last

Need time to breathe


Really, you're not the

One for me

©Cherisse Powers


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