Koala prayer poem

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All that the

Koala wants

To do, is sit around

And write poetry

Up in a tree 

Then out of the blue

The cute koala

Came climbing

Down from the tree

Got down on bending

Knees, close their eyes

Then the Koala started

To pray in the most 

Interesting way

They clasped their

Koala hands


And the Koala

Whispered a soft

And silent prayer

Dear Lord 

I'm here out

At shore

In tears of grief

I want to get out

Of all this negativity

That the devil has

Placed upon my life

For years

Could you please

Take it away from

My life because

I just can take 

This hurt and pain

Away anymore

So I give all of it

Over to you my precious


And the Koala

Said amen afer


©Cherisse Powers


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