2017 poems

Where are you at

On this cold day

Need to find my way

Back to life

From this evil and

Awful grave

Where are you

This winter


Out in the

Winter snow

Are you close to

Me, or do I need

To pack my things

And go

I love you so

I want more from you

You're my dream

Come true

Where are you

On this winters day

Want to come see you,

Have no way to pay

To get my heart

In your arms tonight

And forever

Is it me being mean,

Or is it God telling

Me not to cheat

I want you more

Than I want myself

Feel like, I'm locked

Up in this darn

Jail cell called home

Please come back

To my soul

And I'll show you


That I possibly know

I love you baby

(c)Cherisse Powers


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