2008 poems

A love of God
Because He has saved me so far
Call on His name, because He'll always be the same
Delivered Himself; when no one else was around
Excited to speak what He created.
Freed everyone in sight; even if He felt that they weren't right in life.
Glorified the ones who tried.
He spoke nothing but truth; because that was all that He knew.
Items were delivered; when others gave themselves to the Church.
Joyful His voice; when He sung.
Keeps everyone from evil; even after all these years.
Lifted Lucifer in His misery of hate.
Means the world to everyone; specially like people like me.
Never lets you down; always make sure that you didn't have a frown.
Over time He came back from the dead.
Prayed for the ones who never came to believe.
Quick with His decisions and idea's of faith.
Rather love others than hate others.
Share the Bible with everyone He see's.
Tries not to put Himself before others.
Unique with the way He wrote the Bible.
Values everyone's thoughts of worship.
Went to the sick and poor; and when He touched them, they were healed.
X-rayed His body from the cross; just to be with us; before He was lost once again up on that cross.
You are my provider through the years to come
Zape's the hater's and turns them into believers

(c)Cherisse Powers


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