Prices of my life

2008 poems

Prices of my life
seems to fall from the sky
Prices of my heart
keeps on falling apart
Prices of my soul
Keeps others wondering 
will I ever feel something else
Prices of my body
seems to be abused
only because I am as sweet as you
I don't understand
what the matter is, in this cruel 
and rude land
What gives you the right to hurt 
a child of Jesus Christ?
You're speachless
because you didn't even realize that you 
were dealing with someone so nice
Prices of my life
seems to be drifting away
drifting to a different place
to were no one wants to see this face
I just cry when I hear someone 
has hurt a child of any kind 
and of anyone
What would you do
when you find someone crying 
right outside your door
Would you let them in
Or would you call the police
and tell them someone is invading
your home of privacy?
It still hurts either way it goes
Just think and remember this
What would you do
if you or someone else hurts the person
that you will always love?

Thanks for reading my poem of pain
even though it seems rather strange

(c)Cherisse Powers


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